discipline defiant child

Behavioral Issues

As loving parents, we want to be respectful and hear a child out, letting them explain and feel understood.  However, there is a stopping point. When your child keeps arguing, or does not demonstrate relatively calm negotiation, or gets an

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ABC of Parenting

Parenting 101

The ABC guide helps you understand your child’s behavior, customize your reaction, and determine if your discipline is working. When the kid is constantly answering your requests with “But I wasn’t. . .” or “He started it. . .” or

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Screen Time

Part of the challenge in raising children in today’s world includes balancing screen time with their other activities. Most parents have to deal with taming temper tantrums and tears when they try to enforce their screen time rules. This doesn’t

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ABC of Parenting

  • A = Antecedent: The event before the (good or bad) behavior.
  • B = Behavior: What exactly the kid does and why.
C = Consequence: What happens immediately after the behavior.


Now let's examine this in detail.



Temper Tantrums - Stress Free Parenting

It's possible the child needs more modeling and guidance on how to act appropriately in that particular situation in addition to a timeout to diffuse the anger and aggravation. As I said, sticking a child in a timeout and expecting that alone to fix the problem is like cooking only one side of a pancake and expecting it to taste good


Child Development

To really get behavior going in the right direction, set it up for success. Stop being on defense all the time. Try offense. Go into it with your head in the game, wrapped around what you need to help your child behave. Get your ingredients out and ready. You can't make a batch of homemade cookies without ingredients! So if your kid is the cookie, what makes you think you can make him sweet and successful if you don't have butter, sugar, flour, and chocolate chips.